Rosyth Parish Church

& Rosyth Community & Heritage Development Project


Morning worship is at 10.30am every Sunday.

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Rosyth Parish Church is a B listed building which stands at the heart of Rosyth, built as a Garden City when the Royal Naval Dockyard was developed in the early 1900s. It was designed in 1930 by Hugh Mottram a pupil of Raymond Unwin the developer of the Garden City concept. The building is reminiscent of Dutch Architecture, with its square tower and steeple finished with a teak belfry, and copper roof crowned by a cross. The nave, 80ft by 40ft wide is spanned by an open timber roof with a wide arch at the west end which leads to the apse. The later Church Hall extension of 1954 was also designed by Mottram, as were some of the surrounding houses in the Garden City.


During the present Covid-19 outbreak all Church buildings are currently closed. However should you wish to donate to the work of the Church either nationally or to Rosyth Parish Church by:-

ONLINE DONATIONS: can be made by visiting this page,  and by clicking on the
donate button. All donations made to an individual congregation will be
returned to that congregation, thus enabling members and adherents to
continue to make their regular offering or to make a special donation to
enable the Church’s work to continue at this difficult time.

STANDING ORDERS: The mandate form can be found here:
The congregation’s bank details can be obtained by contacting

Violet's Last Service

The videos from Violets last service with us!